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Product Overview (BioXTA-5050) Proxy Proof Solution

#New version of algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved within 1 second.
# 3.5 inches color LCD display, 3.5 inches TFT
high-definition graphical interface, a graphical interface can show bardian and color photographs of staff.
# Identification of a variety of modes to meet the individual needs of users:Card, password can be any combination of
# Off-line function for inconvenient network and U-disk can upload and download files and images.
# Embedded IP protocol and 100M high-speed network.
# The T&A can speak and have all kinds of voice prompt and read the number of staff.
# Many complementary functions: Notice, birthday wishes, give the correct time, advertising and so on.
# Storage capacity can be dynamically allocated with expanded storage of 1G.
# Advanced embedded Linux operating system, hardware platform of ARM9 for VPN.
# Can connect to an external Wiegand 26, double readers can be formed to work simultaneously.
# Unique work of the six models: 16 function keys and six function keys to work, can effectively distinguish between In, Out.
# A variety of modes of communications: GPRS, ADSL, RJ45, U-Disk, RS232/485 and so on

Parameters :

• Memory capacity : 60MB (can be extended to 1G)
• Period of data : Keep data for 3 years when no current
• LCD : 3.5-inch TFT color, 320*240 Pixels
• Verification mode: 1: N, 1:1
• FAR : <0. 0001%
• FRR : <0. 01%
• Response time : <0. 7 second
• Communication : RS232/ RS485, TCP/IP, U-Disk, Weigand 26, ADSL and GPRS (optional)
• Card Reader : Mifare one or Proximity Card
• Distance : 2. 5-10 cm (Mifare one card), 2. 5-15cm (proximity card)
• Video camera : 1. 3 million pixels, HDTV Color Camera
• Show : Staff and fingerprint images, time, ID number, Name etc.
• Working mode : Card, password
• Languages and voices : English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese and so on
• Save function : Automatical dormancy for saving
• Multimedia functions : Music, slide advertisement, notice etc.
• Size : 232*138*53(mm)
• Weight : 2.5 kg, hang installation
• Power supply : DC12V, 25W, 2A (AC 100V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz )
• Temperature and humidity : 0 - 45, 20%-80%

BioXTA-4040 Fingerprint Based TIme Attendance Solution


BioXTA-4040 is a Fingerprint based Time Attendance machine. The software provided is easy to use and is compatible for every organisation.The regular card based machines have got the issue of PROXY PUNCING. But using Fingerprint model this issue can be overcome. Our Machine has got an high resolution dpi fingerprint module in stand alone system which is the most relaible optical sensor to reduce defect rate to zero


Elegant design.
Support finger 360 degree identification,.
easy to use Sensor window cotton improving image quality, accepts dry, wet fingers
CMOS automated exposure and intelligent compensation improved image quality Adjusting image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.


Size: 190(L)X140(W)X57(H)mm
User Capacity: 1500
Transaction Storage : 50000
Verification mode : 1:1, 1:N
Communications: RS232 ,RS485 ,TCP/IP
Door Control: 12V 2A
Identification time : <=2S
FAR: <=0.0001%
FRR: <=1%
Operating Temperature : 0°C-45°C
Operating Humidity : 20%-80%

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